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Katy Texas is the fastest growing city in the West Houston metropolitan area!

Katy Texas

Energy and education are a vital part of the Katy TX resident’s spirit.

With just over 14,000 residents as of the 2010 census and an estimated current population of around 15,000 residents according to the Katy Census, the city is growing at a moderate rate. This growth makes Katy an interesting location to consider when purchasing a new home or opening a business.

Geography of Katy Texas

It is important to note that Katy includes both “Old Katy” and unincorporated parts of Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller Counties.

These unincorporated areas extend the borders of the city significantly.

There are no bodies of water within the city itself though some smaller creeks to run through the unincorporated areas.

Climate in Katy Texas

Like most of this part of Texas, Katy has hot, humid summers and mild winters. This climate is very appealing to many and northerners will often seek out the area during winter months to escape the cold weather of the north.

History of Katy

The area that would eventually come to be known as Katy was called “Cane Island” in the 1800’s.

According to the City of Katy, the town site was laid out and platted in 1895, but the town was not officially incorporated until 1945.

The city has served as an agricultural center and rail hub through the years, but always retained the feel of a family style community.

Things to Do in Katy Texas

The city of Katy boasts a number of interesting sites and activities for residents and visitors:

  • The MKT Museum and Visitor’s Center is a must-see attraction to learn more about the town’s history.
  • residents will enjoy shopping, theaters and a vibrant parks and recreation department within the town.
  • The proximity to Houston means that big city culture and sports activities are just a short drive away too.
Katy’s Government

Since the city is located in three counties, it would seem that operating the government would be difficult. However, through years of experience the operations have been streamlined into a simple production.

Katy is considered a “home-rule” city. The city is run by a city council of five and a mayor. The unincorporated areas are also represented by their county governments

Transportation around Katy

Travel by car, truck or foot is most common within the city itself. While mass transportation is not particular common within the city, there is an express line that operates during rush hour—helping commuters get into and out of Houston each day.

Katy also has a Greyhound bus station and some smaller, privately owned airports within the city area.

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