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Katy ISD knows that for many looking at buying Katy area real estate, one of the top concerns are quality schools to educate their children.

Luckily, the schools that serve Katy, TX are known for providing a quality education for all students who pass through the doors.

Learn more about the Katy Independent School District and what you can expect if you have children who will attend classes in any of these institutions.

The Basics of Katy ISD

The Katy Independent School District utilizes an elementary, junior high, high school system. The district currently serves around 70,000 students in over 60 schools throughout the large school district area. In addition to the standard 12-year program, pre-K and kindergarten classes are offered for qualified students.

More information is available about qualification and registration requirements at the Katy ISD website. The school system covers all areas of Katy, including the city limits and those areas not within in the limits.

Top Schools in Katy ISD

There are ten high schools in Katy ISD and numerous elementary and Jr. high campuses.

For the most part, each serves a particular geographical region; however, there are certain schools that offer specialty programs that draw from throughout the county.

The ten high schools in the county include:

  • Cinco Ranch High School
  • Katy High School
  • Mayde Creek High School
  • Miller Career & Technology Center – high school with tech program.
  • Morton Ranch High School
  • Opportunity Awareness Center – alternative high school.
  • Raines High School
  • Seven Lakes High School
  • Taylor High School
  • Tompkins High School

Future Growth

The Katy Independent School District is focused on the future. In fact, in 2013, district officials put together a five-year plan.

The primary growth plans, abbreviated from the full goals from their website:

  • Student Growth – Each student will have relevant and meaningful learning experiences to foster the acquisition of the KISD Cornerstone Skills—helping him or her lead to success.
  • Safe Environment – A safe, orderly and positive learning environment is provided for staff and students.
  • Community Engagement – The community and parents will be provided with opportunities for active involvement to support student success.
  • Effective Operations – Resources shall be allotted to facilitate quality learning in a positive work environment.
  • Organizational Improvement – Data points and agreements are used during decision making for planning, evaluation and performance requirements.

Katy ISD = Higher Education

There are junior and community college opportunities in Katy itself and plenty of college options in nearby Houston.

Access to these schools means that students can complete a world-class education without ever leaving the area.

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